Oriental Lily – Pictures From the Lily farm in MEXICO



I had to share these with all of our website friends. I am always amazed when I look at the flower photos from our farms – my original mission was to find some great photos for a post card for marketing. I found these pictures And then BAM I run in to these photos and I am immediately off mission! I can’t think of doing anything other then showing all of our customers what the Oriental Lilies start out looking like from the farm in Mexico!

I recently had a new customer that received their first order of lilies from us and said ” your Oriental lilies are on steroids! ”
Well, being that I am a new sales rep for Amerilink, I was hoping this was a positive response and it sure was…now a standing order customer and we know that their customers are as she put it…HOOKED!

When you purchase flowers are you looking for cheap prices, no matter what the quality? NO!

You want your customers to be stunned by the flowers that they get from you so that you have a repeat customer.  That is exactly why we choose the best quality farms and flower growers, so that we can guarantee that we can repeat that quality ever time we deliver to YOU!


NOVA ZEMBLA – just one of the beauties that we sell!

Oriental Lilies packed by 60 stems per box

Shipped via air to Chicago and Miami or by truck to New York each week

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( Blossoming Flower Salesperson ) Amii